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Frustrated By The Scale?

Please stop letting that number dictate how you feel about yourself and the progress you are making.

Hello Everyone,

Here are three things to keep in mind before you step on that scale.

1. Weight fluctuation

If you weigh yourself constantly--daily, hourly… okay, please stop driving yourself crazy…🤪, you may notice the number fluctuating.

This could be due to water retention from fluctuation in hormones or your diet. (hello, sushi or Italian meal from the night before). You didn’t put on 3 lbs overnight, but all that sodium in your food will show up on the scale. Just drink plenty of water the next day and avoid salty and processed foods. I recommend doing this anyhow.

2. Your weight does not always = good health

When you focus on practicing healthy habits consistently, these habits will lead to a path of positive results. Think improved labs, more energy, better sleep, less pain, reduced stress, clear skin, fewer food cravings and reduced medications. These are all measures of improved health that you won’t find on the scale.

3. Looser fitting clothes

Instead of determining whether you are getting results based on the scale, look at how your clothes fit. Looser fitting pants and shirts or a bathing suit you’ve been wanting to wear that’s been tucked away in a drawer.

I also encourage you to focus on what brings you joy and fulfillment. The weight will come off when you take the focus away from food and find balance in your life that leads to happiness. When we're happier, we tend to make healthier choices, including those that lead to weight loss.

To your health & happiness,



If you think you're sabotaging your weight loss with the scale and would like some support, contact me today.

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