Corporate Wellness 

Corporate Wellness


COVID-19 has changed everything about how we work, including the kind of support employees need. Remote care for mental health has spiked and telemedicine services are more popular than ever. So much about how we live and work has changed, including employee benefits like corporate wellness programs. Experts predict that COVID-19 will raise healthcare costs 7% this year, on top of a 5% increase that was already expected. 

Corporate employee wellness programs improve engagement and reduce healthcare costs by making it easier for employees to access the care they need to stay healthy. Programs can include health coaching, nutrition support, mindfulness and stress management tools for disease management and chronic conditions. And, now the pandemic has put mental health into the spotlight as there have been significant spikes in people looking for support due to isolation and increased substance abuse.

As businesses wait to return to normal, remote resources and virtual programs will continue to be valuable for months to come. Whether HR teams are focused on providing resources to remote workers now or building a wellness program that meets future needs, it’s critical to consider how COVID-19 has changed what employees need and expect from a corporate wellness program. 

Keynote Presentations/Services

(During Covid-19, virtual services are being offered)

The Wellness Map's corporate solutions are customizable and designed to educate participants on how food, exercise, and lifestyle choices affect their overall health and well-being.  We provide an educational, interactive, and engaging discussion that includes simple, but informative handouts and exercises. 

Keynote presentations include a series of tailored topics with Q&A.  Over the course of the time period chosen, employees will learn how to make healthier food choices, manage stress, improve sleep, increase energy, and maximize performance.  Your employees will walk away from each session equipped with the tools to empower them to make better food and lifestyle choices for their overall well-being.  Sample keynote topics are included below.



  • Health In The Virtual World 

  • Mental Health In The Workplace

  • Sugar Solutions

  • Mindful Eating

  • Holiday Survival Guide


Additional Services:

  • Speaking engagements and seminars

  • Nutrition, Wellness, and Mental-Health Coaching Sessions:  individual and group sessions available. 

  • Smoothie & Snacking Solutions: quick and healthy eating has never been so easy.  These hands-on cooking demos will educate employees on how to fuel the body the right way.

  • Yoga Class:  breath work will be used to aid digestion and balance the nervous system.

  • Meditation:  calm the mind, stay more focused, and overcome stress to create balance, improve performance, and overall health. 

  • Break-Room Makeover:  customize your break-room with the most delicious, nutritious food available to keep your employees healthy, energized, and feeling their best! 

  • Customized Wellness Program:  design a wellness program to meet the specific needs of your company.  

"Amy did an outstanding job speaking at our client conference in West Palm Beach, Florida last year. She was organized, prepared and very engaging."

-Eric G, BNP Paribas

"I recently worked with Amy as I ran health fairs at a few of my membership locations. She brought a breath of fresh air, professionalism and most importantly a message of healthy living. I have had members tell me that they were happy that the Union is providing a possible change in their lives beyond contractual benefits. We thank Amy for that change and look forward to working with her again."

-Ron F.- President

"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Amy.  As many of us, we experienced a very tough year in 2020, especially in the travel industry.  As President of Skal International's NY Club, we asked Amy to speak to our group in late December about how we can, as individuals, make our lives better in 2021.  She provided an engaging conversation to our group of 40+, such as discussing eating healthy and exercise, how to mind your schedule and have fun, and most importantly, stress management via sleep and diet habits.  Not only did we find it all educating, but engaging and interactive.  She delivered at a crucial time for our travel industry professionals, and was outstanding!" 

-Wayne L, Jr. 

"Amy is a great person and an expert in the area of Health and Wellness. I recently engaged her to provide nutritional counseling for a 4,000 member union. Over the course of the summer she provided one on one consultations with those seeking help in this area. Her ability to connect with these people was excellent! She is a great communicator and the consummate professional. We will be using her again! I recommend her without hesitation." -Mark H. 

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