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Corporate Wellness 


Corporate Wellness


Happy, healthy, employees are more productive employees! Organizations are increasingly recognizing that a healthier bottom line is directly correlated to healthier humans.  Wellness programs give employees access to the tools they need to get and stay healthy. 

Having a highly effective team is key to achieving business goals, but there is more to being effective on the job than just having the right skills. Every employee is only able to reach peak performance if they are in good health and in an environment that empowers them to thrive.

Until you or someone close to you suffers with a serious health condition, it is common for people to take their health for granted.  Taking care of your employees’ physical and mental health enables them to manage the emotional factors of stress and anxiety and discover how self care can improve workplace productivity.  It also helps them learn how to change unhelpful patterns and thinking and nourish their bodies for peak performance, resilience and sustained well-being.

Help your team thrive with our interactive, engaging and educational programs designed to empower your employees to maximize their performance, energy, mood and morale.  You can choose from one time keynotes,  à la carte services or long term programs.  All of our corporate offerings are customizable and designed to meet your specific goals.  Schedule a complimentary call to see how our programs can transform the health of your team!





Did You Know??  


  • The top five stress symptoms causing missed work days are constant fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains, high anxiety and weight gain. (CareerBuilder)

  • 62% of workplace wellness program participants said it helped them lower their healthcare costs. (HealthMine)

  • Of employers offering wellness programs, 66% reported increased productivity,  50% reported decreased absenteeism. (IFEBP)

  • 54% of benefits professionals cite employee morale as their most improved metric from implementing wellness programs. (HUB)

"I spent 20 years working in a corporate environment and I understand all too well what it feels like when there is an emotional and physical toll taken on your health. I am very passionate about helping others in the corporate space find a healthy balance to manage it all and I understand how to do it successfully."


Corporate Offerings

KEYNOTES:  Keynotes include a series of tailored topics with Q&A. 

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/CONFERENCES:  Keynote and expert panel speaker for on-site conferences.

NUTRITION COACHING:  Educate and inspire your employees to nourish their bodies for better mood, energy and productivity with nutrition coaching sessions. 

MENTAL HEALTH COACHING AND TRAININGS:  These trainings will provide your team support to help them manage the emotional factors of stress and anxiety in the workplace and beyond.

MEDITATION & YOGA:  In an average 9-to-5 work day, just 5 minutes of deep breathing, reflection, and tension release can decrease stress levels and increase overall productivity.  Guided meditations and yoga classes are offered to help your team improve their overall well-being both in and out of the office.  


CUSTOMIZED WELLNESS PROGRAM: Design a solution to meet your specific goals.

Here is a short list of companies I have had the privilege to work with over the years.



Manhattan School of Music                               Dalton School

The Durst Organization                                       Davidson Kempner Capital Management

Collabera                                                                 Colgate-Palmolive

Colonial Consulting                                              BNP Paribas

Sony                                                                          Institutional Shareholder Services

Oscar De La Renta                                                CFC Underwriting

Big Brothers Big Sisters                                       PayPal                       

The Whitby Hotel                                                  Intrepid Museum

National Australia Bank                                      SSOBA                                          

Senior Services of America                                 Gloriously Vegan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



"Amy did an outstanding job speaking at our client conference in West Palm Beach, Florida last year. She was organized, prepared and very engaging."

- BNP Paribas Executive

"Amy, your discussion was a highlight of our meeting! Hard pressed to consider a more meaningful way to invest in people than offering insight on health and well being.  Thanks again!"- ISS Executive

"I recently worked with Amy as I ran health fairs at a few of my membership locations. She brought a breath of fresh air, professionalism and most importantly a message of healthy living. I have had members tell me that they were happy that the Union is providing a possible change in their lives beyond contractual benefits. We thank Amy for that change and look forward to working with her again."

-SSOBA Executive

"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Amy.  As many of us, we experienced a very tough year in 2020, especially in the travel industry.  As President of Skal International's NY Club, we asked Amy to speak to our group in late December about how we can, as individuals, make our lives better in 2021.  She provided an engaging conversation to our group of 40+, such as discussing eating healthy and exercise, how to mind your schedule and have fun, and most importantly, stress management via sleep and diet habits.  Not only did we find it all educating, but engaging and interactive.  She delivered at a crucial time for our travel industry professionals, and was outstanding!" 

-Skal International NY President

"Amy is a great person and an expert in the area of Health and Wellness. I recently engaged her to provide nutritional counseling for a 4,000 member union. Over the course of the summer she provided one on one consultations with those seeking help in this area. Her ability to connect with these people was excellent! She is a great communicator and the consummate professional. We will be using her again! I recommend her without hesitation." -The Whitmore Group Executive 

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