Corporate Wellness 

Corporate Wellness

Creating a fun, engaging, wellness program for your company is more important than ever. Employees are spending a majority of their time at the workplace and don't act on their health and wellness goals in a way they would like.

With chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and obesity now accounting for 75% of healthcare costs, we are able to prevent most of these types of illness through proper diet and practical lifestyle changes.  

Corporate wellness doesn't have to be boring; getting creative and fun will get your employees excited and encourage them to take the necessary steps on their journey to healthier living.  

With rising healthcare costs, everyone can get involved in reducing the bottom line with a well thought out corporate wellness initiative.  

Keynote Presentations/Services

The Wellness Map's corporate solutions are customizable and designed to educate participants on how food, exercise, and lifestyle choices affect their overall health and well-being.  We provide a fun, engaging discussion that includes simple, but informative nutrition worksheets. We have also teamed up with some of the healthiest and most reputable food companies to provide your employees delicious, nourishing food that will keep them functioning at their peak performance!  

Keynote presentations include a series of 60-minute specific tailored topics.  Over the course of the time period chosen, employees will learn how to make healthier food choices, reduce stress and cravings, and maximize their energy and performance.  Your employees will walk away from each session equipped with the tools to empower them to make better food and lifestyle choices.  Popular sample keynote topics are included below.


Keynote Topics:

-Eating For Energy

-Sugar Solutions

-Lifelong Health

-Mindful Eating

-Holiday Survival Guide

Additional Services: 

Smoothie & Snacking Solutions- Quick and healthy eating has never been so easy.  These hands-on cooking demos will educate employees on how to fuel the body the right way.

Yoga Class--Breath work will be used to aid digestion and balance the nervous system.

Meditation--Calm the mind, stay more focused, and overcome stress to create balance, improve performance, and overall health. 

Break-Room Makeover--Customize your break-room with the most delicious, nutritious food available to keep your employees healthy, energized, and feeling their best! 

Nutrition Sessions--Private and group in office sessions available.

Farmers Market at the Office--Grow your own soil free vertical garden! Perfect for indoor or outdoor growing.

Customized Wellness Program-- Design a wellness program to meet the specific needs of your company.  

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