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"It's rare that you come across standout talent like Amy.  As many of us, we experienced a very tough year in 2020, especially in the travel industry.  As President of Skal International's NY Club, we asked Amy to speak to our group in late December about how we can, as individuals, make our lives better in 2021.  She provided an engaging conversation to our group of 40+, such as discussing eating healthy and exercise, how to mind your schedule and have fun, and most importantly, stress management via sleep and diet habits.  Not only did we find it all educating, but engaging and interactive.  She delivered at a crucial time for our travel industry professionals, and was outstanding!" 

-Wayne L, Jr. 

Amy is awesome! After a few weeks, I have more energy, more mental clarity, and a much better idea of my food sensitivities/intolerances. She was professional yet fun, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. What I liked most is that she taught me how to think about food and health from a holistic standpoint so that all changes remain sustainable after working together. Getting my diet and mind right have paid dividends in every aspect of life!"- Greg J.

"I've been working with Amy for 10 months on overhauling a lifetime of poor eating habits.  The results have been great so far. I have lost over 40 lbs in a steady and consistent fashion, and the experience fantastic!  As a well informed person, for a long time I knew what I should be eating, but was never able to consistently implement any change in eating habits.  That started changing after working with Amy.  The best part of Amy's program is the ongoing nature of it, which is how any attempt at lifestyle change should be.  I have found the regular meetings and check-in's invaluable because they get you back on track if you slip backwards (which inevitably happens when you're trying to change habits that are years in the making). They keep you motivated, allow for modifications along the way, and find new ways of addressing and breaking through plateaus in weight loss progress.  This is not here is a "meal plan" and good luck.  Amy's program is steadily changing your relationship with food to emerge healthier, lighter, and more energetic." -Sumit S.

"Thank you Amy for the kind note.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and all that you've done to help me mentally and physically get through this pandemic (without even knowing that one was coming).  But, just know that I'm very appreciative of the influence you've played on my (and my family's) life.  Thank you and Happy New Year!"

-Arny S.

I have been working with Amy over 2 years and the experience is second to none. Initially I engaged Amy to explore nutrition advise and this quickly expanded into exploration of mindfulness. Life, family, work, the pandemic, all the stresses of everyday living have taken a tole on everyone in a different manner. Escaping these challenges and learning to control your focus has been an even greater benefit from our sessions for me. Not everyone is challenged by the same impacts of life. Amy's caring and empathy assists and guides you through so many of these challenges. As traditional medicine is constantly changing and for those who don't believe a pill will solve your problems, Amy brings real world experience to her sessions and the "why" they have worked for her and many others. It is not one "program" that she puts all of her clients on since everyone is different, each solution is different. I recommend, and have recommended Amy to anyone that expresses any challenges in the world of nutrition, stress and exploration of mental mindfulness as she is the constant professional in all aspects."- Thomas R.

"I came to Amy to get off unnecessary prescription medications, learn about healthy eating, and rebalance my life following a difficult period of time.  Amy was phenomenal in helping me to achieve all my goals.  She coached me through my transition off my prescription meds in collaboration with my psychiatrist, which was very difficult for me, and Amy was my rock throughout.  Amy introduced me to healthy foods which led me to changing my eating habits and I lost weight & feel terrific!  Because my needs were so unusual, spanning mental/spiritual health, & nutrition, I was pleasantly surprised to have found Amy and even more pleased that she was able to help with all my needs."  -Jon A.

"When it comes to health and wellness there are loads of experts, blogs and websites out there. For me, one person stands out, Amy Salman. In her coaching and guidance, she helped me set goals with diet, weight loss, and especially lowering my cholesterol, which had always been on the high side.  I just met with my doctor for my annual physical and he told me my LDL (bad) cholesterol went down 32 points! No medication. These were all natural and organic changes in my diet through her coaching. If you want to feel great and improve your overall health, give Amy a call. She delivers." -Rob F.



"Amy has helped me regain my health and lose the stubborn 20 lbs I wanted to take off. One of the many great things about Amy’s program is I never felt deprived, hungry, or that I was “missing” anything. It was simple to follow and incorporate into my busy life. Amy gave me a re-education on food, and I now make better choices based on this knowledge. I’m both lighter and wiser. :) Thank you, Amy!"  -David G.

"Amy displayed a genuine interest in tailoring a nutrition solution to address my underactive thyroid and weight loss goals.  She was inquisitive and thorough and took the time to understand my goals and to shape a program that was achievable and user friendly. She demonstrated in-depth knowledge of which foods have the most value and even the best products to buy among those foods. In a month I achieved my initial goals and am motivated to stick with the nutritional plan she designed because I feel great and don't really miss any of the foods I cut out. I highly recommend her services, well worth it." -Josh N.

"Amy is a great person and an expert in the area of Health and Wellness. I recently engaged her to provide nutritional counseling for a 4,000 member union. Over the course of the summer she provided one on one consultations with those seeking help in this area. Her ability to connect with these people was excellent! She is a great communicator and the consummate professional. We will be using her again! I recommend her without hesitation." -Mark H.

"I found Amy after my diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was nervous about the diagnosis, not knowing what to expect.  My wife joined the session, and Amy explained how food was instrumental in my healing and how my current eating habits were working against me. She tailored a nutrition plan that was easy for me and my family to follow."

-Dan H.

"Amy changed my life in just 4 weeks!! I've tried so many different diets and cleanses and I was never able to stick to anything. I went from drinking 3-4 cups of coffee down to 1. I used to binge on sugar and Amy helped me figure out why I did that and how to change it. I highly recommend Amy if you're looking for a life long change of feeling your best self!" - Dr. Jacqueline R.

"I just completed a three month wellness program with my coach, Amy Salman. Using Amy's Wellness Map I was able to rebalance my life, improve my knowledge of healthy eating and work through some aggressive New Years Resolutions designed to bring more joy and positivity into my life. I would highly recommend Amy if you are looking to improve your wellness !!!" -Patrick C.

"I recently worked with Amy as I ran health fairs at a few of my membership locations. She brought a breath of fresh air, professionalism and most importantly a message of healthy living. I have had members tell me that they were happy that the Union is providing a possible change in their lives beyond contractual benefits. We thank Amy for that change and look forward to working with her again."

-Ron F.

"I have worked with different nutritionists all my life and with Amy I had the best experience! I was at a point where I had reached my highest weight, diagnosed with pre-diabetes and suffering with low self esteem.  Amy immediately put my mind at ease and made me feel so comfortable.  She worked with me on easy meal planning for my busy life, simple home cooking preparation, self-care tips to address my self- confidence issues, and ways to incorporate more movement into my days.  I had an upcoming vacation that I was anxious about, and she helped me prepare by seeking out healthy options at restaurants where I was traveling, and helpful travel tips beforehand. But made sure I enjoyed myself without deprivation. I not only had the best vacation, but ate my favorite treats without guilt and still lost weight!  After thinking I would never reach my desired weight again, on Amy's 3-month program I did! I couldn't believe what I was able to achieve and could not have done it without her endless encouragement  and positive attitude that were invaluable.  I know I have made a change for life!" -Kate W.

"Thank you, Amy for all your help with my son! I wanted to let you know Griffin was eventually diagnosed with SIBO and thanks to the GI medication and his clean diet (with your amazing help) he's been making so many strides both physically and emotionally.  The anxiety he was experiencing his freshmen year has subsided significantly. " -Cindy B.

"If you are looking for health and wellness guidance in NYC, Amy is someone you should know. She has a personal passion for her work and is an engaging speaker. She is someone who will go the extra mile for those in her network and I am very glad I met her several years ago." 

-Sarah Z.

"Amy, Thank you for all your recipes and tips.  You make eating well super accessible and fun!" -Dr. S.

"I contacted Amy after feeling sick for several months.  My doctor had me on several rounds of antibiotics and I was still suffering with fatigue, on and off sore throats and congestion.  Amy made several recommendations for supplements like probiotics, black seed oil and oregano oil and  I started feeling much better right away.  Thank you so much, Amy!" -Mason S.

"Amy has been wonderful with helping me control my Eczema! After trying prescriptions and going to various doctors with no results -I believed she could help me get to the root of this problem and she did. After one month my inflamed and itchy skin is almost gone, and I am medication free! Thanks Amy! - for listening to me, coaching me long distance, and helping me understand how to regain my health." -Lisa S.

"During my program with Amy I have eliminated unnecessary supplements, stressors, and cravings from my life! I have increased energy, a new sense of calm in my life, and learned to fuel my body with food I need not want. I have found a road to longterm health that functions with my everyday life." - Arnold S

"Amy is the best! She is the first person in a long time who has steered me into eating in a way that is sustainable and allows me to release weight slowly and consistently. She will take into account what you like/don’t like to eat and provide you with an easy food program you can follow." -Julie S.

"Amy, Thank you so much for your advice and helping me get back on a healthy track."

-Tanya G.

"I came to Amy after a visit with my doctor. My cholesterol was high and the doctor recommended medication.  I said no thank you. Amy made some tweaks to my diet.  I was down 10 lbs in 3 weeks and my numbers were stabilized.  Thank you Amy." -Joel S. 

"Amy did an outstanding job speaking at our client conference in West Palm Beach, Florida last year. She was organized, prepared and very engaging."

- BNP Paribas Executive

"I had a wonderful experience working with Amy. During our consultation she was able to quickly identify my blind spots and map out a plan to bring my body back to balance. She really listened to my challenges and addressed my concerns by arming me with new tools to modify my nutritional patterns. I really liked Amy's wholesome, holistic approach to teaching how to be well and healthy on every level." -Tatiana V.

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