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  • Amy Salman, Founder, The Wellness Map

What I Learned From Summer Vacation

Vacations are meant to be a welcome break from the daily grind, but how relaxing is it when you leave feeling anxious about what you're going to eat and return guilty about what you ate?

After speaking to several of my clients who were heading out on summer holiday, their main concerns were "how will I maintain the healthy habits I've learned and not undo my success"? My main message was, take the tools you've learned and used throughout your program, and be sure to enjoy yourself without being gluttonous. In other words, reframe the vacation eating mindset, and remember a mental break applies in more ways than one.

I'm sure you've heard it before… “I need to get back on track” after coming back from a vacation. But what if we changed our way of thinking and simply viewed the way we eat on vacation as part of our lifestyle?

There’s often this thought that we need to “get ourselves back on track” after a vacation. Maybe we feel a bit indulgent on vacation, eat foods we see as "bad" or "forbidden" which can lead to overeating, and then focus on a more regimented plan when returning home. However, if you never put yourself on a restrictive diet to begin with, what you eat on vacation becomes no different from how you normally eat. Or what I call a lifestyle.

If you recognize that you can be healthy without restricting your favorite foods and cocktails, no food is off limits. (This is taking into consideration you have not been diagnosed with a disease or allergy) I always say to my clients, when your body is like a well oiled machine (meaning when you eat healthy most of the time or the 80/20 rule) indulging once in a while will not take you off track. The body bounces back quickly.

I also find it important to allow yourself to fulfill cravings. When we don't, it leads to overeating and binges. There’s no doubt that vacations will be filled with more indulgent foods. However, keep in mind that a week or two of eating out and enjoying more lavish foods is not going to ruin your health goals. There is no need to beat yourself up about enjoying yourself on vacation.

Personally, while I was traveling in Greece this summer, my body was craving french fries and starchy carbs. I had challenges with limited gluten and dairy free options while away, and most places didn't have the veggie assortment my body is used to. That showed up as cravings for these types of foods. I didn't judge it. I listened to my body and gave it what it needed at the time. So, listen to your body, and what it needs. Is your body craving veggies, more protein, whole grains? Take vacation off its eating pedestal, and enjoy it for all it's meant to be enjoyed. That includes the food, relaxation, friends, family and mental break.

To your health & happiness,



"Amy is fantastic. I was addicted to carbs, sugars and bad food choices. After a diagnosis of diabetes with a blood sugar of 233 and A1C of 10, I reached out to Amy for help. Together we worked out a plan that fit my busy lifestyle and would help me get healthy by making better choices, understanding how food works with the body and how even small changes and good choices can have a huge impact. Amy is a safe place where judgments do not exist. It is about open conversations and about healing with food and nutrition as the key to a better outcome. I'm just about 3 months with Amy and I have lost 20 pounds, my blood sugars are down 100 points and I feel better than I did, let's say MANY years ago. :) I highly recommend reaching out to Amy if you have questions, need assistance, encouragement, guidance and someone who is truly there to help you get in the best nutritional state of your life."-MichaelS.​

My salad in Greece compared to NYC

Interested in learning more about how to stay healthy on vacation and all year round? Contact me today for more information.

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