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Treat Yourself This Halloween

There is so much to be said about losing weight and everything we see, read and hear on social media, diet books and elsewhere. It can be hard to navigate the world of contradictory information and fact from fiction.

If you feel confused, and who wouldn’t,

I help make it super simple for my clients to lose weight by cutting through all the misinformation.

Hello Everyone,

Here's some common health myths about weight loss and what’s true.

1. All calories are created equal- NO! Your body doesn't metabolize all foods the same way. How quickly you digest something affects blood sugar levels and fat storage.

2. Eating low fat helps you lose weight- NO! Healthy fat is essential for weight loss. Healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, avocado, flaxseed and oil, etc. helps satiate you and prevents overeating.

3. Going gluten free is key for weight loss- NO! Gluten free became another marketing scam like fat free. Many processed gluten-free products are actually more calorie-dense than their gluten-containing counterparts because they may contain more inflammatory ingredients, fat and sugar. Eating naturally gluten free is another story.

4. Carbs cause weight gain-NO! Not all carbs are created equal. There are slow digesting carbs and fast digesting carbs. We want to focus on high fiber, slow digesting carbs that get metabolized slowly and don't cause our blood sugar levels to spike.

5. Eating less and exercising more is key to weight loss- NO! This may work short term, but not long term. Nourishment is key for weight loss, not punishment.

6. Skipping meals will lead to weight loss- NO! Skipping meals from time to time is one thing, and I’m not referring to Intermittent Fasting (IF). Going all day without eating intentionally can be the driving force for nutritional deficiencies, cravings and binge eating.

7. Juice cleanses help you lose weight- Short term you may experience weight loss, but once you introduce real food back into your diet expect to gain the weight back and possibly even more.

If you're ready to lose the weight for good and stop the roller coast ride of fad diets, then this is your time!

My programs offer individualized meals plans, wellness tips, shopping lists, brand recommendations, guides for dining out and traveling, unlimited coaching support and more!

Contact me today to learn more or pass this offer on to someone you care about.

This 20% program discount expires tomorrow.

To your health & happiness,




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