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Super Bowl 2021 Recipes and Healthy Tips

Super Bowl 2021 is sure to look different this year, much like most of our other activities and social gatherings since the beginning of Covid-19. So, however you may be enjoying gametime, here are some tips to help you embrace it in a healthier and safer way!

1) Consider a virtual gathering for the festivities

2) Weather permitting, have an outdoor gathering with a big screen sitting 6 feet apart

3) Make healthy snacks with those you live with and share the recipes with friends

4) Get a group text going during the game to chat with other fans while it's going on

We may be living in unusual times, but we can still make the most of what's available to us while we are managing the situation! "When everything seems to be going against you, remember the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it" -Henry Ford

Check out some of my favorite healthy snacks below for Super Bowl! And, as always, stay safe and healthy!



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super bowl 2021 recipes
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