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  • Amy Salman, Founder, The Wellness Map

Healthy Travel Snacks

As I prepare to head out of town for a hedge fund conference as the guest nutrition expert, I'm also preparing my healthy snacks for the airport.

Now, I don't know if this has ever happened to you. But, you arrive at the airport and start searching for something healthy to eat and realize not only is there nothing healthy, but barely anything that looks edible. So, maybe you settle for what there is and end up feeling unsatisfied or just sick.

Sound familiar? Well, I've been there many times and found the best way to avoid this is to come prepared. Now, I pack my own healthy snacks.

Here’s a few things I'm packing this trip (pictured below). I’ll also bring my own salad since I’ll have time. Some other items I like to travel with not shown here include cut up veggies, fruit, boiled eggs, avocado, tiger nuts or raw nuts. I've also included a list of healthy snacks for you below. So, next time you’re getting on a plane, train, or automobile, you'll have your snack pack ready so you can travel healthy and smart! :)


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