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There Is Such A Thing As Life Pollution...Are You Suffering From It?

Hello Everyone,

It's easy to define pollution. It's something that affects the air, the water, and the soil. And, with the recent wildfires in Canada, those of us living in the US East Coast experienced some of the worst air quality we have seen, with NYC experiencing it's worst ever recorded.

Now, when we look at polluted soil, it's easy to determine where the pollution begins and ends. Usually, you look for discoloration, a foul smell, or any other kind of indication that you can readily pick up with your five senses.

We normally view pollution as something that we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and otherwise perceive. But, as practical as this guideline may be in determining pollution, we really can't apply it to where it matters most.

You see, physical pollution, caused by chemicals or whatnot may be avoidable. You can see it miles away. You can definitely smell it, hear it, in the case of noise pollution, and touch it.

In other words, you can perceive it. Since you can perceive it, it's possible to avoid it altogether.

In many cases, these physical pollutants and toxic elements are brought to our attention by warning signs. There are biohazard signs, there are radioactive signs, there are danger signs. There are many signs.

And if you are paying attention, you can find ways to avoid them.

Then, What is Life Pollution?

What I mean by life pollution is the number of negative thoughts that occupy your mind. It might be from something someone says or does to you and you are unable to let it go. Same thing may happen with a family event or something from your past.

Your mind may create stories and your worst fears and insecurities take over. Whatever conclusions you draw make you feel miserable.

When you are aware of negative thoughts, but do nothing to manage your emotions and mind, life pollutants can have a grave impact on your behavior. It can impact your relationships, health, well-being, and career.

Life pollution may show up as fear, anxiety, negative thinking, complacency, procrastination, judging, intolerance, meaningless criticism and anger.

Your thoughts may become obsessive and upset you to the point of not showing up as the best version of yourself and living the kind of life you desire.

Polluting the mind over and over again with this type of behavior is not helpful. The more this happens, the more spiritually polluted and toxic the situation becomes.

It's no surprise that a lot people feel stuck, frustrated and desperate when this happens.

When you allow life pollution to interfere with your health and happiness, it can feel out of control.

But, you actually have complete control. You are the most powerful person in your life and always have the power of choice. You can choose what to remember, what to focus on and how to interpret the world around you.

The first step is to become aware of what is polluting your life. Once you are able to do that, you can then start abandoning the mindset that prevents you from achieving what you would otherwise achieve.

Your environment, whether social or physical, may start to weigh in and weigh down on your life. But, again, you have the power of what you choose to let in.

If you're sick and tired of life pollution, check in on the choices you are making for yourself.

Learn how to detoxify yourself from life pollution. Learn how to soar based on the power of your hopes and dreams instead of being pulled back by disillusionment, defeat and fear.

The choice is yours.

To your health & happiness,



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