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6 Tips To Increase Your Wellness This Labor Day Weekend

Often in our busy lives we forget to take time for ourselves, so as you head into Labor Day weekend make sure to focus on personal wellness. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this long weekend.

Connect with family and friends: Personally, I think there is no greater joy than spending time with those you care about. Whether it's watching a movie, playing games, sharing a meal or connecting via video chat with an old friend, take time to connect with those you love this weekend.

Unplug: Try taking a day or even the whole weekend to step away from your electronic devices. Giving yourself a detox from your computer, phone and television can be incredibly relaxing.

Get proper sleep: If you suffer from poor sleep hygiene, this is a perfect time to start that sleep schedule you've been wanting to work on. Creating a proper sleep schedule and ensuring a good night's rest is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself for overall health and well-being.

Do something to nourish yourself: Whether it's a DIY project, a solo walk in nature, reading a book or another creative project that you love, take time to do something independently satisfying.

Exercise: No matter where you fall on the exercise parameters of fitness, the good news is that even a leisurely walk can boost your mood and lower your blood pressure.

Cook a healthy meal: Cooking a healthy meal at home can be a fun, relaxing and a wonderful way to connect with family and friends. It's more fun when everyone is involved in some part of the meal and it becomes an engaging group activity that all can be part of.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend and try one or more of the tips above to increase your wellness!



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