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  • Amy Salman, Founder, The Wellness Map

Thanksgiving Thought

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are surrounded with messages of how many calories and fat grams are in our holiday meal, along with tips on how to manage the day with exercise and portion control. I want to lead with a different message. Please don't try to be perfect on Thanksgiving. Enjoy your pie, stuffing, turkey, or whatever your favorite treats are, and celebrate the tradition of the holiday with family, friends and loved ones. Now, I'm not suggesting you eat with reckless abandon, but I'm suggesting you let go on this day and focus on what matters. Thanks and Gratitude!

There are 364 other days in the year to think about how you will exercise, eat well, and avoid pie. And, I will leave you with this one last thought. The challenge in my belief is not with the holiday. It's when the holiday turns into a holiday(s) or holi-week and holi-month. The eating festivities continue way past the day. So if you treat the holiday as it was meant to be, a day, then get back to your regularly scheduled eating plan the following day, your body will bounce back.

So, remember to slow down, be present, and make memories with those you care about. This holiday is about thanks and gratitude, so share in the spirit of this with those you love.

To your health & happiness,


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