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Let’s Transform Your Health Together

Optimize Your Health. Achieve Balance. Find Joy.


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Meet Amy
I'm Amy Salman, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Recovery Coach. Since 2015, I've helped thousands of busy women and men discover a path to better health.
Are you:

* Frustrated with your weight?

* Constantly dieting and battling
 to lose the same 10, 20+ pounds?

* Struggling 
to manage symptoms of an autoimmune disease? 

* Experiencing chronic stress?

* Have Type 2 Diabetes or other chronic condition?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

I can help!




I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that we will look at how all areas of your life affect your health as a whole. I will help you identify the root causes of your health challenges so we can optimize your health quickly.  It includes looking at your diet, sleep habits, stress levels, relationships, physical activity, and even how past events in your life might be impacting your health today.

No fads or restrictions. No good or bad foods.  Instead, my clients develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that best support them and how to implement lasting changes that will improve energy, balance and well-being. 

My goal is to help every client embrace fresh perspectives and see what's possible for their life.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me today!


Maura G.

 I found Amy after being recommended to a long list of nutritionists. I spoke with Amy about my issues with Colitis, goals of healing my stomach pain and learning more nutritious eating habits. In just a few sessions, I had no more bloat, reduced inflammation and lost weight without trying. Amy was able to teach me better eating habits and help me make better choices...  Amy is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. I would recommend her to anyone with stomach issues and who wants to feel better. I want to thank her for all her support." 

Jeff S.

During Amy's 3-month program, I saw my cholesterol drop 40 points within the first two weeks. I lost 28 lbs, reaching my goal weight by 3-months! I feel stronger, have less stress on the body, and I am no longer out of breath when walking.  I've lost my addiction to bread and no longer have cravings. I can't thank  her enough for how much she has helped me!"

Michael S.

Amy is fantastic. I was addicted to carbs, sugars and bad food choices. After a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes with a blood sugar of 233 and A1C of 10, I reached out to Amy for help.... Together we worked out a plan that fit my busy lifestyle and would help me get healthy....

I'm just about 3 months with Amy and I have lost 20 pounds, my blood sugars are down 100 points and I feel better than I did, let's say MANY years ago. 

I highly recommend reaching out to Amy if you have questions, need assistance, encouragement, guidance and someone who is truly there to help you get in the best nutritional state of your life."


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Areas of Specialty:

* Weight loss 
* Management of autoimmune           diseases
Stress management

Gluten free 
* Anti-inflammatory 

* Low carb  

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