As Labor Day approaches, and summer winds down and the kids get ready to head back to school, many of you may be thinking about refreshing or strengthening your healthy habits — for the whole household, or just for yourself. Since it's easy to overthink, here are some quick tips for four key healthy living areas:

1: Nutrition

2: Hydration 

3: Physical activity 

4: Better sleep + less stress  

You can also create your custom checklist to help you keep track of your progress! (Grab yours below)


--Take the lead by making sure your first meal of the deal is something  nutritious. Think about combining lean protein, healthy fat, and fiber.

--Involve kids (or spouses) in age-appropriate meal prep. Vegetables and other foods can be more fun to eat when you've helped transform them.

--Make big-batch meals that you freeze — this ensures you'll have something healthy to eat on super-busy days.

More nutrition tips

Start by replacing empty calories with whole food options. Whole foods include fruit...

Vacations are meant to be a welcome break from the daily grind, but how relaxing is it when you leave feeling anxious about what you're going to eat and return guilty about what you ate? 

After speaking to several of my clients who were heading out on summer holiday, their main concerns were "how will I maintain the healthy habits I've learned and not undo my success"?  My main message was, take the tools you've learned and used throughout your program, and be sure to enjoy yourself without being gluttonous.  In other words, reframe the vacation eating mindset, and remember a mental break applies in more ways than one. 

I'm sure you've heard it before… “I need to get back on track” after coming back from a vacation. But what if we changed our way of thinking and simply viewed the way we eat on vacation as part of our lifestyle?

There’s often this thought that we need to “get ourselves back on track” after a vacation. Maybe we feel a bit indulgent on vacation, eat foods we see as...

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