Need energy, running on empty, feeling exhausted, or finding yourself hitting that 3p.m. energy slump that makes you want to fall asleep at your desk? If so, the way you are nourishing your body (or not) may have something to do with it. What you eat is vital for your energy and productivity, not to mention your overall health.  Starting your day with refined carbohydrates such as bagels, various cereals, or doughnuts for example, tends to contribute to afternoon blood sugar crashes, unhealthier lunch choices, and that 3 p.m. candy bar.

If you want to supercharge your day, start by choosing a healthy breakfast that combines lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Some examples include a vegetable omelet with berries, whole grain toast with almond butter and sliced banana, or greek yogurt with blueberries and flax seeds. These nourishing options will help keep your energy stable throughout the day.

Next, choose afternoon snacks with the same theme in...


Head of kale

Coconut oil cooking spray (I use field day organic)

Sea salt

Nutritional yeast (I use Bragg's)


Tear kale into chip size pieces

Place on cooking sheet

Spray with coconut oil 

Sprinkle sea salt and nutritional yeast

Cook at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes or until crispy 


When was the last time you were on a diet? Just about every diet has a theme, and it sounds something like this...eliminate sugar, carbohydrates, meat, fat, alcohol, etc. But, what if you approached your health goals with a non-diet theme? Think about it, every time you are told you can't have bread, a cocktail, pizza, or a cupcake, how much more tempting do all these foods become? What good are diets that leave you feeling hungry and deprived, losing weight in the short term, only to gain it back?

Now, I'm not suggesting you eat these foods with abandon, or if you have an autoimmune disease, like me, certain foods must be avoided. But, what I do suggest as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach is making simple tweaks to your nutrition and lifestyle that bring lasting results.  So let's for a moment take the focus away from dieting as we know it, and instead talk about non-diet tips you can implement for weight loss that possibly you haven't thought of before....

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