Food cravings are something most of us have everyday. But what do they mean and what are they telling us about our health? Many of us don't pay attention to our cravings, or better yet what messages our bodies are sending us.  Listening to our bodies is key to both learning and healing.

Cravings show up for different reasons.  Both when we are experiencing nutritional deficiencies and triggered or experiencing different emotions.  Tapping into these cravings begins the journey of connecting the mind and body and the healing process. 

Here's a breakdown of 3 common food cravings and what they mean both physically and emotionally.

Sweets: When we crave sweets it's generally due to blood sugar imbalances, magnesium deficiencies, and low energy.  Emotionally it stems from a lack of joy, love, and sadness.  That's why it's so common to reach for chocolate, which releases serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone. However, that temporary high from suga...

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