8 Tips For A Healthy Fourth Of July

Everyone loves The Fourth of July! It's the time for beaches, barbecues, friends, and parties! For many of us, that means burgers, hot dogs, chips, cocktails, and lots of diet disaster. But it doesn’t have to be. Make this holiday a happy and healthy one! Many people either avoid holiday situations for fear of overeating, or simply eat everything with the promise to go back to their healthy habits the next day. I suggest focusing on spending quality time with friends and family and making healthy food choices as well. Today, many hosts are very accommodating. They tend to have several options to choose from aside from the typical barbecue fare, so it's easier to make healthy choices. If you

5 Healthy, Smart Travel Snack Ideas

Whether you're getting ready to book that summer vacation, or someone who is constantly on the go for business, we all want to travel smart and healthy. But, sometimes that's easier said than done. With hectic schedules, unexpected airport layovers, and emergencies, making good choices can sometimes be a challenge. But there is a simple solution...a little planning and preparation. Bringing your food with you will keep you feeling your best in all travel situations! Start by pre-packing snacks for your trip. Great snack options are easy to eat fruits and vegetables. Pick fruits and vegetables that travel well and don't require much effort to prepare or clean up. Some of my favorites include

5 Tips To Get Summer Savvy

This time of year brings up plenty of talk about cleansing and detoxing, which may be sexy topics, but they tend to bring up feelings of elimination and deprivation. It's all the things we can't eat, drink, or have. So I love to focus on Nourishment which is all about self-care! When we come from this place, the mind-set and approach are completely different, the end results the same, and the journey...a happy and healthy one! If you're looking to achieve vibrant health and vitality, then it comes down to a few basic things; adding in more good stuff and taking out more bad stuff. That means better nutrition, exercise, rest, deep breathing, and less toxins, stress, and processed food. Let’s

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